Top Online Platforms for Finding Quality Used Cars

With comprehensive searchable listings, vehicle reviews, buyer guides, and more, used car websites simplify the purchasing experience for all customers, whether they are first-time buyers wanting to purchase a used car or classic car enthusiasts searching for that special antique model. Owners can also find a buyer for their used car by visiting used car websites.

When choosing a used car website, look for detailed information about the automobile, an easy-to-use interface, high-quality images, and service history. Based on factors including reputation, search tools, cost, buyer resources, and more, we evaluated the top-used vehicle websites.

Detailed List of the Best Used Car Websites

Let’s examine our top selections for used car websites in more detail and break down the advantages they provide for both buyers and sellers of pre-owned cars. We’ll look at each website’s standing in the market, Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings, some pricing information, and client feedback. Used cars calgary are the option you can consider.

For online used automobile sales, our Editor’s Pick is The website is acknowledged by us as the Best Value choice for online used automobile purchases. has been in operation since 1998 and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The website features automobiles from thousands of private sellers and auto dealers around the nation. makes it simple to research used cars, narrow down your search results by desired characteristics, and arrange a test drive with a dealer when the time is perfect to buy. You can receive an immediate offer through that is valid for three days in addition to the choice to trade in your vehicle at a dealership.


Carvana is a state-to-state company that is well-known for its automobile vending machines located all over the nation. Carvana was named the Best for Transparent Pricing when buying a used car online and the Most Seamless Process for selling a car online.

The business is renowned for its hassle-free purchasing process, in-home assessments, and instantaneous, seven-day offers. A seven-day money-back guarantee is an additional piece of mind that comes with purchasing via Carvana.

Carvana has a solid customer review rating of 4.3 based on more than 9,100 Trustpilot reviews, however company is not yet rated by the BBB. Customers give the Carvana mobile app positive reviews on Google Play and the App Store.


With almost 60 years of experience as a reliable source, Edmunds has a legacy in the automotive business that is difficult to match. The Edmunds website, which is now a division of CarMax, facilitates the buying, selling, and appraisal of used cars. In one location, you can compare prices to ensure you’re getting a decent deal, browse used automobiles from dealerships around the nation, and arrange financing for your purchase.

Because of its lengthy history and A+ BBB rating, we awarded Edmunds a perfect 10 for industry standing. Additionally, Edmunds won our Editor’s Choice award for online used car shopping since its tools make it easier to identify the ideal pre-owned car. Use a car financing calculator to gain maximum profit.


Another well-regarded platform and retailer of used cars is CarMax. On the selling side, CarMax received our team’s Great Value award. Getting an instant cash offer and even getting paid on the day of the sale are both simple processes.

CarMax has 246 sites around the United States where buyers can peruse an extensive selection. You can forget about bargaining when prices are locked in. Because of its high sales volume and solid business reputation, our team believes CarMax to be the Most Reputable Used Car Buying Website. Additionally, we appreciate that CarMax beats other car-buying websites by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Fine Auto Zone

The demands of every single customer are given priority at Fine Auto Zone in Calgary, AB. As a car dealer, they appreciate the challenge of always meeting and surpassing your high expectations. They are aware of your high standards. 

One of the largest expenditures a person can make in their lifetime is a car, and purchasing a used automobile might be even more intimidating. Nonetheless, locating and buying a secondhand automobile may be a fulfilling experience if you have the correct knowledge and direction!


Our top picks for used car websites include, Carvana, Edmunds, CarMax, and TrueCar. These websites provide great customer service and are simple to use, whether you’re looking to find the perfect used automobile or the proper buyer for a car you’re selling. The most precise and trustworthy automotive valuation is offered by an HPI car valuation. Not only is our service free, but we also supply you with more details than any other provider of car valuations. HPI values are the only place to go if you’re seeking a used car value.

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