Introducing Dawlance AC 15 Powercon X: Superior Performance and Efficiency

Are you looking for a strong air conditioner that uses less energy for your little space? The Dawlance 1 Ton Inverter Split Powercon X 15 AC is the only option you need! With its 1-ton capacity, this unique unit is ideal for creating a comfortable and cool climate in small places.

Superior Efficiency with Inverter Technology: The Powercon X 15 employs inverter technology, which sets it apart from conventional air conditioners. This means more reliable cooling, less energy used, and eventually cheaper electricity costs.

All-year Comfort

This adaptable air conditioner does more than just chill! Additionally, it has a heating function to keep you toasty warm in the winter.

Cleanliness Redefined

For best results, an air conditioner must be kept clean. With its self-cleaning feature, the Dawlance AC 15 Powercon X does not require tedious manual cleaning.

Adapts to Voltage Fluctuations: You may not feel comfortable during power interruptions or voltage variations. Because it is designed to withstand these circumstances, the Powercon X 15 operates effectively even at low voltages (as low as 140V).

Auto Restart for Peace of Mind

Unexpected power outages can be annoying. The Powercon X 15 has an Auto Restart feature that automatically resumes functioning at the prior settings if power is restored.

Durable Performance

Dawnance is assured of the caliber of their offering. The Powercon X 15 boasts an amazing 12-year compressor warranty to provide long-lasting peace of mind.

Additionally, this premium AC is available in Pakistan at the lowest cost through AYS Online Pakistan. This AC is a very economical choice because it also offers the comfort of 0% monthly installments through partner banks.

With the Dawlance 1 Ton PowerCon-X-15 Split Inverter AC, you can stay cool while saving energy.

Take advantage of the Dawlance AC 30 Elegance Pro unmatched cooling efficiency. This air conditioner is ideal for both home and workplace settings because it is made to maximize comfort and ensure energy savings. Your perfect cooling solution is the Dawlance PowerCon-X-15, which features a sleek appearance and cutting-edge inverter technology.

Technology for Energy-Saving Inverters

Modern inverter technology allows the Dawlance PowerCon-X-15 to modify compressor speed based on the room’s cooling requirements. Because it guarantees steady temperature management and substantial energy savings, this makes it a sustainable option for contemporary homes.

Strong Cooling Ability

Medium-sized rooms are ideal for the Dawlance PowerCon-X-15 because of its powerful 1-ton cooling capacity. It keeps you comfortable all year long by providing quick cooling, even in the hottest weather.

Intelligent Functions and Mechanisms

This air conditioner has smart features including auto-restart, sleep mode, and remote control operation. These clever features make your life easier and improve your experience overall, letting you continue to feel comfortable.

Elegant and Sturdy Style

The Dawlance PowerCon-X-15’s sleek and contemporary style goes well with any interior decor. Because of its sturdy construction and long-lasting functionality, it’s a dependable addition to your house or place of business.

Low Voltage Function

Our air conditioner can run continuously at as low as 150V, even in situations of extreme power fluctuation. Auto Cleaning of the AC Interior. With its Self Cleaning Feature, you can now remove dust particles from the inside of your split air conditioner, including the evaporator. This prolongs the life of interior coils while also giving your family clean, hygienic air.

Warm and Chill

With the Dual Technology of our Multi-Function Air Conditioners, which allows you to have heating and cooling with only a single button push, you are now covered for both summer and winter.

Gold Fin

This floor-standing air conditioner has upgraded Hydrophilic & Heat technology, which guards against corrosive materials and corrosion.

Feature of Memory Resumption

Your most recent settings with Auto Memorized PCB will remain intact in a power outage. The AC will restart with the same configurations.

Dawlance Inverter ACs’ Durability

Dawlance has included elements in their inverter air conditioners to increase their longevity because they recognize the rigors of everyday living. Gold fin condenser fins are seen on the Sprinter Series, while blue fin condenser fins are shown on the Mega T3 Series. These unique fins increase the units’ ability to withstand corrosion and lengthen their lifespan, guaranteeing their durability.

It doesn’t end there, though. Dawlance goes above and beyond by giving its inverter air conditioners an outside casing that resists rust. With their sturdy exterior, the ACs are shielded from the elements—such as dampness, dust, and inclement weather. You can be sure that your air conditioner will keep working dependably for many years to come with this extra layer of security.


With their exceptional aesthetics, Dawlance Inverter ACs offer a strong and effective cooling solution. These air conditioners are strong due to their well-built, energy-efficient designs, long warranties, and energy-saving features. Because they consistently provide comfort throughout the year, they are the ideal addition to any home or workplace setting.

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