How to Buy a Used Laptop in Pakistan? (5 Essential Questions)

With laptop prices going high, many Pakistanis opt for a second-hand (used) machine!

Laptops are something we use on a daily basis whether for work or when we’re at home after a hectic day. In short, a laptop is a must-have in our routine life more than anything else. 

But, the rising laptop prices in Pakistan makes it a challenge to buy a new one especially when you’re a little short on the budget. Or, maybe you’re a student who needs to buy the laptop but doesn’t have the required funds. 

So, how should you navigate around buying a used laptop in Pakistan? 

Here, we’ve gathered every useful information to evaluate the prospective laptop and invest your money into the right option. 

Check Laptop’s Performance 

The very first step, before you buy a used laptop in Pakistan, is to check its overall performance!

By overall performance, we mean to check its processor and RAM that collectively decide how fast it can perform various tasks. From editing a video to working on a word processing software (like MS Word) or browsing the internet, a laptop is expected to perform various tasks by different users. And determining what processor and RAM a laptop has can offer you an expected performance evaluation. 

Usually, an average laptop would come with an Intel Core processor and an 8 GB RAM. And if you’re seeking a better laptop option, you may go for the better, stronger processor and RAM configuration. 

If your budget is less than PKR 70,000/- you may consider buying a Dell, HP or Lenovo laptop since they have a decent resale value and excellent performance reviews. And if you can spend more, investing into an Apple MacBook would be a wiser option. 

Evaluate Battery Life

Let’s move on to the next question before you buy a second hand laptop in Pakistan – battery life!

Ask the seller about its battery life since it can help you determine if it’s the right laptop to buy or not. Since we own a laptop to carry it around with us for hours without the need to plug it in for a recharge. It is crucial that your prospective laptop has a good battery time as this will be a crucial factor when you’re assessing used laptop prices in Pakistan

Before you buy a used laptop, make sure you’ve studied your usage patterns, too. This means if a laptop has an average battery life of 3 hours and you perform tasks like video editing or gaming that consume more battery, try looking for another option that comes with better battery life. 

If it’s a Windows laptop, obtain its battery report via the operating system’s built-in tool. And if you’re considering a second hand macOS laptop, you can still get this information from the system settings. 

Assess Laptop’s Overall Condition

One of the factors that you should consider while determining a used laptop price in Pakistan is to seek its overall condition!

What we mean by the overall condition of a laptop is if it has a nice exterior or if its damaged. Similarly, if the hinges and joints of your prospective laptop are in good condition or not. And lastly, do check if your prospective laptop’s keyboard and trackpad are in a good condition or not. 

These questions will help you in determining if you should buy this laptop or not depending on its overall condition. 

Check Laptop’s Display Quality

Before you make any final decisions with respect to the purchase of a second hand laptop,make sure you assess its display quality!

It is important to understand the laptop’s display quality that includes its resolution, panel type, brightness and contrast along with similar other aspects since they’ll all contribute to graphics quality. 

Suppose, you’re a graphic designer (on a beginner level though) who needs a good laptop to perform design related tasks but the machine has a poor graphic quality that ultimately results in your poor work. 

That’s one of the many reasons you need to understand a second laptop’s display quality before making the final call. See what kind of panel it has. Also, do ask the seller about the laptop’s picture resolution if you’ve a specific number in mind like Quad HD, 4K or more. 

Understand Storage Options

Lastly, you need to figure out the laptop’s storage options!

Different used laptops come with variable storage options and you need to track down the one that meets your storage needs. 

And for that matter, you first need to understand different laptop storage types!

There are generally 3 storage types including HDD (Hard Disk Drive), SSD (Solid State Drive), and Hybrid Drives (SSHD) all having some pros and cons in contrast to each other. 

Generally, used laptops in Pakistan either come with an HDD or an SSD storage. HDDs have a lower cost in comparison to other storage types but they do come with slower laptop performance. On the other hand, the SSDs have a higher price but offer excellent laptop performance. 

Now, you’ve to figure out what kind of storage you are expecting in your laptop before making the final call. 

And with this, you’re all set to buy a used laptop in Pakistan on a budget knowing all the right questions to ask the seller. 

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