9 Tactical Multi-Tools To Enhance Your Survival Skills 

Survival in the wilderness or during an emergency requires preparedness and the correct tools. Tactical multi-tools are essential for anyone who wants to be ready for unexpected situations. They combine various functions into one compact and portable device, making them invaluable for survivalists, outdoor enthusiasts, and everyday users.  

This article explores nine top-notch tactical multi-tools that can significantly enhance your survival skills, providing you with the versatility and reliability needed in critical moments. 

1. GTFO Wrist Wrap with Advanced Handcuff Key (AHK3) 

The GTFO Wrist Wrap with Advanced Handcuff Key (AHK3) is a discreet and practical survival tactical gear designed for personal security and emergency escape. With the handcuff key hidden in a robust paracord bracelet, this wrist wrap ensures you always have a way out. It is also easily accessible, so you may swiftly remove yourself from ordinary handcuffs in several circumstances. 

Law enforcement, security guards, and everyone worried about personal safety will find this tool especially helpful. The paracord can be used for various survival tasks, such as building shelters or securing gear. The GTFO Wrist Wrap with AHK3 guarantees you’re ready for unforeseen detentions or restraints by fusing everyday wearability with essential functionality. 

2. ResQme Vehicle Escape Tool 

In an emergency, the ResQme Vehicle Escape Tool, among our top nine tactical multi-tools, is a small yet effective gadget that helps you get out of a car. This equipment is a must-have for any vehicle, as it has a seatbelt cutter and a spring-loaded glass breaker. When doors or windows become stuck, the glass breaker makes it easy to break them. 

The included seatbelt cutter also guarantees easy release of yourself or others from clogged seatbelts. Small and with a keychain attached, the ResQme is easy to carry and reach when needed. Regardless of your role—driver, passenger, or worried parent—this tool gives you peace of mind by ensuring you can move quickly to escape a potentially hazardous scenario. 

3. Leatherman Signal 

A powerhouse among multitools, the Leatherman Signal was created especially for survivalists. Its nineteen tools include a knife, saw, hammer, and sharpening with diamond coating. A ferrocerium rod for igniting fires and an emergency whistle—both essential for calling for help—are also included with the Signal. 

Its robust design guarantees dependability and durability even in the most arduous conditions. Survival professionals rank the Signal highly because of its unique toughness and functionality. Whether you’re building a shelter, cooking, or making emergency repairs, the Leatherman Signal covers you and keeps you ready for anything. 

4. Gerber Center-Drive 

The Gerber Center-Drive is a full-size, center-axis driver with a genuine screwdriver experience and an ergonomic design. Pliers, a wire cutter, a knife, and a pry bar are just a few of the instruments in this multi-tool. Its one-thumb opening mechanism allows rapid tool access, which can be critical in an emergency. 

Besides, the sturdy construction and functional design make the Center-Drive a great survival companion. Fixing gear, cutting through hard materials, or giving first aid—this multi-tool guarantees you can do various jobs quickly and well, improving your general survival skills. 

5. Victorinox Swiss Army Rescue Tool 

Next on our list of top tactical multi-tools is the Victorinox Swiss Army Rescue Tool, made explicitly for emergencies. This tool includes essentials like a window breaker, seatbelt cutter, and disc saw for shatterproof glass. Its striking yellow handle makes it easy to find even in dimly lit areas. 

First responders like using this item because of its dependability and practicality. Its wide range of capabilities and simplicity of usage make it a must in rescue and survival circumstances. 

6. SOG PowerAssist 

Featuring SOG’s revolutionary Compound Leverage mechanism, which doubles the pliers’ cutting and gripping force, the SOG PowerAssist blends innovation with durability. A blade, file, and can opener are just a few parts of this multi-tool. What distinguishes the PowerAssist is the dual spring-assisted blades that enable quick deployment. 

When under duress and time is of the essence, this capability can be rather significant. Solidly built and multipurpose, the PowerAssist is an excellent addition to any survival gear. 

7. Leatherman Wave Plus 

With 18 tools, including pliers, wire cutters, a saw, and a range of screwdrivers, the Leatherman Wave Plus is a favorite among multi-tool fans. Its quality steel build and replacement wire cutters guarantee enduring performance. Given its small size and capacity for arduous tasks, the Wave Plus is a multipurpose survival item. 

With the Leatherman Wave Plus, you can handle and get out of difficult circumstances, whether in the middle of the woods or dealing with an emergency at home. 

8. Gerber Suspension-NXT 

Among the remarkable fifteen tools in the Gerber Suspension-NXT are scissors, wire strippers, needle-nose pliers, and a range of screwdrivers. The spring-loaded pliers and locking tools on the Suspension-NXT offer further security and convenience. Accessible and with a pocket clip for simple carrying, this multi-tool is made for convenience. Because of its adaptability and sensible design, it is a dependable friend in survival situations. 

9. Leatherman Raptor 

The Leatherman Raptor is the last on our list of tactical multi-tools that works for medical emergencies. It has six other instruments, among them shears, a ring cutter, a strap cutter, and a glass breaker. The Raptor also has a quick-access holster and is small and lightweight. Because the shears can cut through hard materials, they are perfect for quick medical needs. 


Incorporating these tactical multi-tools into your survival gear can significantly enhance your ability to handle emergencies and outdoor challenges. Each tool offers unique features tailored to different survival needs, ensuring you’re well-equipped for any situation. Be prepared, stay safe, and enhance your survival skills with these top-rated multi-tools. 

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