Top 10 Unique 4 People Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Bond

Yoga is an excellent way to build strength, flexibility, and balance, but did you know it can also deepen your relationships? Group yoga poses, especially those designed for four people, are not only fun but also encourage teamwork, trust, and communication. In this blog, we’ll explore ten unique 4-person yoga poses that will help you and your friends or family members connect on a deeper level.

The Benefits of 4 People Yoga Poses

Enhances Communication

Performing yoga poses with three other people requires clear and constant communication. Each pose demands synchronization, making verbal and non-verbal communication crucial.

Builds Trust

Many poses involve supporting each other’s weight, which builds trust among the participants. Trusting your partners enhances the overall experience and allows for deeper connections.

Strengthens Bonds

Sharing a physical and mental challenge can strengthen your bond with friends or family. These shared experiences create lasting memories and improve your relationships.

Improves Balance and Coordination

Working as a team enhances your sense of balance and coordination. These poses require everyone to be in sync, improving your ability to work together.

Top 10 Unique 4 People Yoga Poses

Explore the art of harmony and wellness with our top 10 unique 4 people yoga poses. Designed for groups, these poses foster mutual support, enhancing both physical and mental well-being.

1. Square Pose

Square Pose involves all four participants sitting back-to-back in a square formation. Each person’s back supports the others, creating a strong, stable base. This pose enhances balance and mutual support.

2. Pyramid Pose

Pyramid Pose involves three participants forming a base with their hands and feet on the ground, while the fourth person climbs on top to create a pyramid shape. This pose requires trust and strength from all participants.

3. Partner Plank

In Partner Plank, two pairs of partners form planks parallel to each other. The pairs then place their hands on each other’s shoulders, creating a connected and stable formation. This pose strengthens our core and upper body.

4. Flying Yoga

Flying Yoga involves one person acting as the base, lying on their back with legs raised, while the other three balance on their feet in various poses. This dynamic pose builds strength and trust.

5. Circle of Trust

In Circle of Trust, all four participants stand in a circle, holding hands and leaning back until they form a balanced square. This pose encourages trust and balance.

6. Four-Way Warrior

Four-Way Warrior is a variation of the Warrior pose, with all four participants standing in a circle, extending their arms to hold hands with their neighbors. This pose enhances strength and coordination.

7. Human Mandala

The Human Mandala involves creating intricate patterns and shapes with the bodies of all four participants. This pose is visually stunning and promotes creativity and teamwork.

8. Double Downward Dog

Double Downward Dog has two participants in the Downward Dog position, with the other two performing the same pose on top of them, supported by their backs. This pose is excellent for building upper body strength and flexibility.

9. Group Tree Pose

Group Tree Pose involves all four participants standing in a circle, holding hands, and performing the Tree pose. This pose enhances balance and unity.

10. Square Boat Pose

In Square Boat Pose, all four participants sit in a square, holding each other’s hands and lifting their legs to form a boat shape. This pose strengthens the core and requires coordination.


Practicing yoga with a group of four can be a rewarding experience. These poses not only challenge your physical abilities but also strengthen your bonds with others. So, grab three friends or family members and give these unique 4 person yoga poses a try!

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H2: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can beginners try 4 people yoga poses?

Yes, beginners can try 4 people yoga poses, but it’s essential to start with simpler poses and gradually work up to more complex ones. Ensure you communicate well with your partners and practice safety at all times.

How often should we practice 4 people yoga poses?

You can practice 4 people yoga poses as often as you like, but it’s recommended to include them in your routine at least once a week to experience the benefits fully.

Do we need any special equipment for 4 people yoga poses?

No special equipment is needed for 4 people yoga poses. A yoga mat and comfortable clothing are sufficient. However, having a clear, open space to practice is essential.

By incorporating these poses into your yoga routine, you can enjoy the physical benefits of yoga while also strengthening your relationships with friends and family. Happy practicing!

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